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China, (People's Republic of China), is situated in eastern Asia, bounded by the Pacific in the east. The third largest country in the world, next to Canada and Russia, it has an area of 9.6 million square kilometers, or one-fifteenth of the world's land mass.

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About our chinese partner

Our Chinese Partner is a Chinese - Hong Kong joint-venture company based in Shanghai. It is a subsidiary of the Shanghai Ministry of Trade and Economic Relations (MOFTEC)
and specializes in Chinese company (representative office) license applications; Trademark services; Import Product license declarations and corporate business services.

  • Authorized to take charge to examine, valuate and approve the establishment of Shanghai foreign-invested enterprises; supervise and examine foreign-invested enterprises enforcing the related laws, regulations rules and contracts, harmonize and solve the related problems according to the law.
  • Carry out and implement guidelines, policies, laws & regulations in terms of foreign trade and attracting foreign investments; based on the circumstances and cooperating with concerned parties, do research on, draft and enforce local guidelines, policies, laws & regulations.
Business Scope

WWincorp's Chinese partner offers a one-stop Chinese company set-up service. As the company develops our partner can evaluate client's needs and provide a more comprehensive service, the core services provided include:

  • Company Formation
    - Chinese Company & Representative Office license application
  • Trademark Services
    - China trademark search & registration
  • Import Product License & Declaration
    - Health & Safety declaration for cosmetic & health food products
    - Product Labeling
    - China Compulsory Certificate (CCC)
    - Import and license application for foreign magazines and books
  • General Business Services
    - Location consulting
    - Office set-up and renovation
    - Human Resources
    - Accounting and Book keeping
    - Marketing Services
    - Promotion and events management
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Chinese Company & Representative Office License Application


China attracts more direct foreign investment than any other country in the world, the amount invested represents 9% of the global total. To enter the China market, it is necessary to apply for a valid business license. WWincorp's partner provides registration of the following:

1) Resident Representative Office
2) Foreign Investment Enterprise (FIE)  

    a) Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE)
    b) Joint Venture      

        i. Equity Joint Venture
        ii. Contractual Joint Venture

Service Scope

WWincorp's partner in China can organise the following in relation to the incorporation of your Chinese Company:

  • Name search documents
  • Name pre
  • approval
  • Preparation of feasibility report, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Power of Attorney etc
  • Approval Certificate issued by MOFTEC or MOFCOM
  • Business License Certificate from the Administration of Industry and Commerce
  • Company stamp from the Police Department
  • Organisation Code Certificate
  • Statistic Certificate
  • Foreign Currency Registration Certificate
  • Tax Certificates
  • Opening of bank account
  • Customs Certificate
  • Finance Certificate

The service fee will depend on the business scope of the company, the complexity of the application, it may need pre-approval from the state, MOFCOM etc. Please call us to discuss this further.


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China Trademark Registration


A registered trademark means protection in China by Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China. In general, a registered trademark is valid for 10-years but may be extended .

Application Procedures
  1. Define the items and class(es) to be registered
  2. Trademark Search: Depending on the trademark, it can be a name (in Chinese or English) or logo. WWincorp's partner can check if there are any existing or identical marks
  3. Preparation of application documents
  4. Application submission
Turn-around time
  1. The Trademark Office will issue "notification" 30 days after the application submission
  2. The trademark office will enter into the pre-approval process, on average, it takes 15-18 months
  3. The Trademark Office will publish the trademark on the Trademark announcement upon the pre-approval process
  4. The announcement will take 3 months and if there is no objection from public, the Trademark Office will issue the "Trademark Certificate" in a month's time
  5. On average, the application process takes 18-24 months
Documents to be submitted
  1. Power of Attorney
  2. Trademark Application Form
  3. Statutory Document:
    a) If the applicant is a corporation: one copy of the Business registration certificate
    b) If the applicant is an individual: copy of the ID or passport
  4. Trademark reproduction (size should be larger than 5cm but smaller than 10 cm):
    a) For colored trademark: 1 copy in color and 2 copies in black & white
    b) For black & white trademark: 1 copy in black & write
  5. For pharmaceutical products for humans: the certificate issued by the Health Administration Department of the product
  6. Application Documents should be signed by the applicant with a company stamp
  1. Trademark search fee per item per class: US$100
  2. Trademark registration fee per item per class: US$650 (including government levies and disbursement)


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General business services


WWincorp's partner provides other general business services to clients for the pre set-up stage and on-going service. Our partner has developed a network of quality and reliable service providers.

Pre set-up stage

During the business license application stage, besides the government statutory application procedures, our China team will also assist clients in arranging other necessary services:

  • Location consulting: Office space; Factory premises; Shop; Bonded warehouse zone.
  • Office set-up: Interior design; Decoration & renovation; Office automation.
  • Human Resources: Head hunting for local and expatriate; Employee social welfare and insurance; Export of China worker to overseas; Work Permit and Visa.
On-going services

It is not easy in China to find a supplier that meets all your requirements, standards and budget. Our business affiliates are experienced in working with overseas companies and can provided the following local service:.

  • Accounting: Accounting and taxation; Annual audit; Capital inspection.
  • Marketing Services: Printing and graphic design; Advertisement; Market Research
  • Promotion & Events Management: Meeting Incentive Convention & Exhibition (MICE); Seminars; Exhibitions.

This will be dependant on your specific needs please contact us to discuss this further.

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China Import Product License Declaration


In 2004, the GDP of China was US$1645 Billions as such China has become an important consumer market for import products. To import to China, it is necessary to obtain approvals and/or certificates. Some of the services our Chinese partner can assist with include:

Application of Health & Safety Certificate
  • Cosmetic and skin-care product
  • Health food product
  • Food & Beverage product
Application of Product Label
  • Cosmetic & skin-care product
  • Health food product
  • Food & Beverage product
Application of China Compulsory Certificate (CCC)
  • Electronic and electrical appliances
  • Mechanical devices
  • Motor vehicles
  • Import of samples (CCC exemption)
Application of import license for foreign publications
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Newspapers
Advantages of Using WWincorp's Chinese Partner
  • Time saving due to knowledge of the declaration process, statutory requirements, local rules & regulations.
  • Cost Saving because all applications are submitted in Beijing, which saves time and costs traveling to and fro
  • Long term business co-operation with testing laboratory offering discount rates for certain types of testing

Due to the experience of our partner and their understanding of the Evaluation Committee they can identify product features that may potentially be rejected by authorities and provide solutions to overcome them.


Please contact us to discuss this further.

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