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The United States of America consists of 50 states and it forms a large part of the North American continent bordering Mexico to the south and Canada to the north. The USA gained independence from Britain in 1776 and has had a Federal system of Government every since. The population is approximately 270 million.

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USA Limited Liability Company Legislation

The LLC have been a traditional form of business structure in Europe. In Germany for example, the LLC is the equivalent to a "GmbH". The LLCs made their way to the United States in the late 70s, with Wyoming being the first state to introduce legisation, as of today they are accepted as form of business in every state. LLCs are very popular since they combine advantages of a partnership with those of a corporation.

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Time to Incorporate

Most states normally incorporate between 24 and 48 hours

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Corporate Structure of a USA LLC

  • No directors required
  • Only one member - can be corporate
  • No requirement for local member(s) for USA Companies
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The USA incorporation documents do not carry the name or identity of the members. As such no names appear on the public record.

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Member nominee services are allowed to ensure confidentiality of beneficiaries.

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Capital Structure of a USA Limited Liability Company

  • There is no share capital
  • Certificates are issued to show a members percentage ownership of the company
  • Members liability is limited to their contribution
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  • The LLC itself does not pay tax, the members are liable for profits derived from the partnership
  • Foreign members resident outside the USA only pay income tax on income derived in the US
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Annual Financial Statements and Company Records

There is no requirement for filing annual returns or audited financial statements.

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Meetings of USA LLC Members

  • Meetings can be held anywhere in the world.
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Doing Business with USA Residents and Companies

There is no restriction on doing business with US residents, however if the LLC is foreign or non resident owned tax will be liable on profits generated within the USA.

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Doing business with the Rest of the World

There are no restrictions for USA LLCĀ“s to carry on any legitimate business.

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The USA LLC incorporation package includes:

  • First year government filing fees
  • Certificate of Formation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Organisation
  • Member Certificates
  • Registered agent services, (first year)
  • Registered office, (first year)
  • International express delivery by FedEx or DHL
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The company may not use a name identical or similar to an existing company so as to cause confusion. The name must end: LLC, L.L.C., or Limited Liability Company

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Limited Liability Company Incorporation Procedure - USA Company Formation