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Offshore Company Formation Services

Post or pre-incorporation you may need some of the services and products listed below, some prices vary by jurisdiction so if you need these please contact us and one of our dedicated professional staff will assist you.


Service Cost
Provision of Local Director Cost varies by jurisdiction
Provision of Corporate Secretary per annum USD 1,000
Provision of Nominee Shareholder per annum USD 1,500
Mail forwarding per annum USD 475
per annum plus costs
Corporate bank account USD 750
Notarisation USD 225
Apostilisation (& notarisation) USD 525
Certificate of Good Standing USD 425
Certificate of Incumbency USD 425
Standard power of attorney USD 300
Change of Name USD 475
Transfer of shares USD 325
Certified copies Cost varies by jurisdiction
Liquidation USD 1,100 + Time Spent
Dissolution USD 500 + Time Spent


Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to assist you

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