Shelf Companies

Off The Shelf Companies | Ready Made Offshore Companies

Shelf companies have been formed on a previous date which gives them the advantage of being instantly available. The companies below have never traded, hold no assets and have no liabilities. Shelf companies are sometimes referred to as "ready made" or "seasoned companies". The following list is our current list of available shelf companies:

Company Name Date of Incorporation Jurisdiction Price Notes
Mercantile Information Limited

23 August 2006

UK Company Formation GB£1,999

Never traded. All Government fees paid until August 2021. Can be transferred in 24 hours.

Eagle Ridge Trading Limited

23 August 2006

UK Company Formation GB£ 1,999

Never traded. All govt fees and all statutory requirements up to Aug 2021.

British Virgin Island Shelf Companies

  British Virgin Islands Company Formation From $1,699

WWincorp has many BVI shelf companies, the list is constantly changing socontact us for the latest available.

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